Use Case Submission Guidelines

 Use cases must include at minimum a specific implementation example with details on how the use case works .  When possible it is ideal for use cases to also provide instructions on how the user can implement/test the example. Use cases may be examples of how a larger SDN framework is implemented, but each submission requires details and explanations of a specific implementation example, demo, PoC or lab.

Use cases may also build on other use cases, for example if your use case is focused on advanced OpenStack features, you could build on the existing base openstack use case or the OPNFV BGS use case by referencing it in the description of your use case, enabling you to focus on your primary topic and simplify the steps required to build a new use case. Similarly if it required a different base OpenStack implementation, you could seperate that into a a new base use case and could continue to add supplementary use cases to demonstrate additional features and capabilities.  

 The Use Case submissions should include the following:

  • Architectural diagram of the use case example
    • The diagram submitted may list the brand name of the equipment/software used but may not contain brand endorsements
  • A description of up to 1000 words
    • The description should include an overview and detailed explanations about the use case. If detailed instructions or tutorials are already available online, you may include links to external websites to provide these details; however the description should still include at minimum a thorough overview of the use case. The description may include the brand names of the equipment/software used in the example but may not include any promotional statements or brand endorsements 
  • Links to detailed instructions, tutorials, or other additional information about the use case
    • 3rd party sites linked to may contain commercial branding; however, each use case must include at minimum detailed technical and educational overview of a specific implementation or demonstration whether this be via links to external websites, other detail pages on the ODL or ODL Wiki sites, or provided in the description  

If you would like to submit a use case that complies with the above guidelines we would be very grateful, the community really depends on and values these contributions! Please contact the ODL marketing team and at and a member of the team will respond to assist.