Use Case: OPNFV Bootstrap/Getting Started

OPNFV Topology Diagram


This use case provides a base implementation of OpenStack with the Neutron Framework using OpenDaylight including OPNFV optimizations for NFV use cases.

Project “Bootstrap/Get started” assembles and tests a base set of infrastructure components for OPNFV to run a few example VNFs like LBs, FWs. It puts together a single deployment type that can both be used by developers and run in continuous integration. The goals of the GetStarted Project is to stand up quickly one or more stacks of components, learn from their differences and commonality of deployment experience, and feed that back into producing a more flexible framework. Initially the project will focus on a single combination of components.

The project targets an installation on a virtual environment based on Linux Ubuntu 14.04/Centos 7 as base operating system and distribution. “Bootstrap/Get started” provides a solution to automatically install and configure the required components using existing installer and configuration tools and perform a set of basic system level tests (i.e. test whether OpenStack, OpenDaylight/SDN Controler, OVS components are operational, tests whether a set of VNFs can be deployed/removed on the Compute Node). The project is intended to serve as both an initial development framework and a framework for CI. It is important that developers work on realistic deployments which (‘works on devstack &/or packstack" as Compute Node VNFs) and future projects will work on development tooling.


Instructions & Additional Resources