Use Case: Network Services for Cloud Data Center


This educational use case provides a base implementation of OpenStack with the Neutron Framework using OpenDaylight to provide network virtualization services with Open vSwitch.

Once implemented, users can create and launch virtual machines from OpenStack and the OpenDaylight controller will communicate with OpenStack servers to automate the configuration of the virtual network, enabling virtual machines to be defined and launched without manual network configuration and without needing to create scripts to automate the network configuration. Once the connection between OpenStack and OpenDaylight is setup, preparing the virtual network for new VM’s becomes a simple, plug and play experience.

The instructions to implement this use case for the Lithium release are under development and will be posted to this site in the near future.

Instructions & Additional Resources

There are numerous community resources that provide instructions to implement this use case for the Helium release. Below please find links to instructions and information for this use case: