Use Cases

The OpenDaylight platform provides a common foundation and a robust array of services to enable a wide breadth of applications and use cases. ODL can deliver the benefits of SDN to use cases as diverse as managing cable modems, connecting the Internet of Things, or controlling Ethernet switches using the OpenFlow, NETCONF or other included protocols.

Use Cases are based on deployments of opendaylight that have been implemented or tested either in a production or lab environment, and provide either detailed overviews of how the implementation works or detailed instructions to enable users to replicate the use case.

This site includes use cases designed for education, research & development & production implementation, and includes both commercial and community supported use cases. The ODL Team is actively working to increase the amount of use cases available here so please check back regularly to find updates and new use cases. 

Anyone can submit a use case for inclusion on this site. To submit a use case, please see the Use Case Submission Guidelines.

Use Case:  Network Services for Cloud Data Center

Use Case:  Service Function Chaining Reference Use Case

Use Case: OPNFV Bootstrap-Getting Started