​The adoption of new technologies and pursuit of programmable networks has the potential to significantly improve levels of functionality, flexibility and adaptability of mainstream datacenter architectures. To leverage this abstraction to its fullest requires the network to adapt and evolve to a Software-Defined architecture. One of the architectural elements required to achieve this goal is a Software-Defined-Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platform that enables network control and programmability.

Today, SDN and NFV are a hotbed of innovation with a broad spectrum of vendors bringing products and technologies to market. Ironically, the myriad options may prove counterproductive to SDN and NFV adoption. Many organizations, overwhelmed by choice, also have to avoid the pitfalls of nascent technologies such as inconsistent interoperability, limited management tools or fragmentation.

At this early stage of SDN and NFV adoption, the industry acknowledges the benefits of establishing an open, reference framework for programmability and control through an open source SDN and NFV solution. Such a framework maintains the flexibility and choice to allow organizations to deploy SDN and NFV as they please, yet still mitigates many of the risks of adopting early stage technologies and integrating with existing infrastructure investments.

With OpenDaylight, a community has come together to fill this need through the combination of open community developers and open source code and project governance that guarantees an open, community decision making process on business and technical issues. Establishing an open source project in this way is designed to help accelerate the development of technology available to users and enable widespread adoption of SDN and create a solid foundation for NFV.

OpenDaylight can be a core component within any SDN architecture. Building upon an open source SDN and NFV controller enables users to reduce operational complexity, extend the life of their existing infrastructure hardware and enable new services and capabilities only available with SDN. Whether your organization is an enterprise IT provider, a network service provider or a Cloud services provider, you can begin taking advantage of SDN and NFV using a community-driven, open source controller framework available today.