How To Participate

As is common with most open source projects there are many ways to participate in OpenDaylight.  If you are new to OpenDaylight we suggest you start with the Getting Started Guide.

For Developers looking to get acquainted with the code currently in the repository, visit the Developer Wiki.

To connect with other members of the OpenDaylight developer community, join the conversation on one or more of the mailing lists and on the #opendaylight IRC channel at

In order to gain access to the tools supporting the OpenDaylight software development (Gerrit, Jenkins, etc.) you must first create an account. Once your registration is complete, visit the Tools page where you will find links to all of the developer tools available.


The OpenDaylight community will be sponsoring a variety of events to help all of our members to come together and share ideas, create code, and build a stronger community. Please check our Events page for a list of upcoming events hosted by OpenDaylight along with other industry events that we will be attending in 2013.