The OpenDaylight Ambassador program was created to help sustain and grow the global userbase as more and more people become interested in the project. OpenDaylight Ambassadors are passionate about the project, open SDN and are recognized for their expertise, leadership and willingness to share their knowledge for the betterment and growth of the community.

Please join us in welcoming the first OpenDaylight Ambassadors! They are:

Anil Vishnoi
Senior Staff Software Engineer

His research focus includes SDN, network virtualization and cloud and data center networks. Anil has been an active participant in OpenDaylight since inception and contributed to a number of projects and technologies including the OpenDaylight Controller, load balancer sample applications, the MD-SAL based Statistics Manager module and the OpenFlow Plugin Project.

Chris Price
Open Source Manager for SDN, Cloud and NFV

He open source manager for SDN, cloud and NFV at Ericsson where he focuses on the development of technology and innovation. Chris is a member of OpenDaylight’s Technical Steering Committee and has helped guide technical progress, quality standards and inter-project collaboration as the project matures.

Colin Dixon
Principal Engineer

Principal engineer at Brocade and was previously a computer systems researcher at IBM Research's Austin Lab. Colin was a mentor for the OpenDaylight Summer Intern Program and is a core contributor to OpenDaylight on projects including Table Type Patterns in the upcoming Helium release.

David Jorm
David Jorm

David Jorm is a Senior Manager, Product Security & Technology Services at IIX. He has been working in the software industry for 16 years. David's career has orbited around the software field, with roles spanning engineering, R&D, documentation, security, and management. He is passionate about engaging with universities, and creating exciting career opportunities for exceptional emerging talent.

Kyle Mestery
Principal Engineer and Chief OpenStack Architect

He is principal engineer and chief OpenStack architect in the office of the cloud CTO at Cisco. He is also the program technical lead for OpenStack Neutron. He primarily works on projects within OpenDaylight that interact with OpenStack Neutron and the OpenStack community and is integral contributor to work that bridges the two communities. Kyle also writes a blog at

Masashi Kudo
Masashi Kudo
Senior Manager
NEC Corporation

He is a senior manager at NEC Corporation and oversees development for the company’s SDN controller products. In 2011, he successfully launched the world's first production-ready SDN product. Masashi is one of the lead committers of OpenDaylight’s Virtual Tenant Network (VTN) Project.  

Mathieu Lemay
Mathieu Lemay

Mathieu Lemay is CEO of Inocybe Technologies, a company funded in 2005, a SDN pioneer and now specializing in Real World OpenDaylight-based deployment solutions, training and services and CTO of Civimetrix Telecom a company deploying Open Access Networks. Mathieu has more than 20 years of experience in information technology. At the age of 10 he was programming C++, ADA and x86 ASM and then got involved in networking from the early Bulletin Board Systems to the first commodity Internet. He earned a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Wireless and Optical Telecommunications. Inocybe Technologies is a member of OpenDaylight since June 2013 and Mathieu is currently a committer to the Docs and Reservation projects. After 9 years at being CEO, Mathieu has acquired intensive knowledge business administration. He is also well versed in financial management of IT resources and assets.

Matt Oswalt

He is an all-around technology nerd, currently focusing on networking, open source, and everything in between. He is at his happiest in front of a keyboard, next to a brewing kettle, or wielding his silo-smashing sledgehammer. Matt has been an active supporter and participant in the OpenDaylight community as well as a code contributor. He hosts a blog on industry hot topics at

Milson Munakami

He is a graduate student and research assistant in computer science at Boise State University. As a developer and an open source enthusiast, Milson is excited to share knowledge to advance open SDN and help grow the OpenDaylight community

Srini Seetharaman
Technical Lead for SDN
Deutsche Telekom Innovation Center

He is a contributor to and the technical lead for SDN at Deutsche Telekom Innovation Center. Srini was previously a member of the OpenFlow/SDN team at Stanford, where he led the SDN deployments in several nationwide campus enterprise networks.

Tom Nadeau
Chief Architect of Open Source Software

He is a distinguished engineer and chief architect of open source software in the software business unit for Brocade where he leads the development of commercial open source products. Tom has been an integral part of the OpenDaylight community especially as it relates to integration with OpenStack. He often leads technical discussions and overviews for the project at industry events.

OpenDaylight Ambassadors represent the project and provide a point of contact for those looking to get involved in the community so please feel free to reach out to learn more about how you can get involved.