Blogs December 2014

OpenDaylight Developer Spotlight: Devin Avery

OpenDaylight is an active community of developers who are passionate about transforming networking. This blog series highlights the people who are collaborating to create the future of SDN and NFV.

OpenDaylight Intern Spotlight: Evan Zeller

OpenDaylight accepted seven student interns for the summer of 2014 to work in the community and receive hands-on development experience in SDN. Each intern worked closely with an active OpenDaylight developer as their mentor on a project that suited interest and community need.

This blog series aims to showcase the interns chosen and the projects they actively worked on, the mentors who aided in their professional development and the overall experience of working in an open source community to create a common platform for SDN and NFV.

OpenDaylight Member Spotlight: Intel

Intel was a founding member of the OpenDaylight Project and recently increased its membership to Platinum, the highest tier. We had a conversation with Uri Elzur, Intel’s director of SDN architecture, to understand what drove the company’s decision and what we can expect to see from them in 2015 and beyond.