Blogs June 2014

Video Playlist: OpenDaylight Developer Tutorials


For developers who are interested in OpenDaylight but don't know where to begin, this playlist has over a dozen tutorials that can help jumpstart your knowledgebase. For those new to open source projects like OpenDaylight, you can learn how to create an account, build code and file bugs from OpenDaylight developers like Madhu Venugopal and Tom Nadeau. Interested in cloud deployments? Kyle Mestery gives a hands-on tutorial for integrating OpenStack with OpenDaylight. End users can learn how to start an OpenFlow network with mininet from Luis Gomez. 

OpenDaylight Developer Spotlight: Luis Gomez

OpenDaylight is an active community of developers who are passionate about transforming networking. This blog series highlights the people who are collaborating to create the future of SDN and NFV.

Luis Gomez is Principal Software Test Engineer at Brocade and currently coordinates the Integration Group at OpenDaylight. Prior to this, Luis worked many years at Ericsson in end-to-end solution integration and verification for radio, fixed, core and transport functions.