Blogs November 2013

How Does the OpenDaylight Project Compare?

I’ve been in my new role for a couple weeks now and have been struck by something I’ve discovered: the vibrancy of the OpenDaylight developer community. I have spent the last week starting to engage with a number of the developers on the project and every single one has shared a passion for the project that I didn’t quite expect. OpenDaylight has brought together a community of people who share one vision--to change networking. Not to serve vendor interests. The results speak for themselves. In open source, code rules.

OpenDaylight Developer Spotlight: Christopher Price

Christopher Price

OpenDaylight is an open source project and open to all. Developers can contribute at the individual level just like any other open source project. This blog series highlights the people who are collaborating to create the future of SDN and NFV.

Why Open Source and Collaboration Matter in Networking

Today I’m honored to join the world’s largest open source SDN and NFV project as executive director. I wanted to share with the community why I’ve chosen to focus all my time on this project.